COVID-19 and public health

Response from Public Health Wales, 02 April 2020, on contact tracing and testing … view

Sample email to local authority or other responsible organisation on contact tracing and testing: Peter Roderick to Public Health Wales, 30 March 2020

Write to your local MPs, councillors and mayors about following WHO advice … read more

BMJ editorial: Covid-19: why is the UK government ignoring WHO’s advice? Testing and tracing must resume urgently. download

Letter to BMJ: Covid-19: local implementation of tracing and testing programmes could enable some schools to reopen: I am increasingly concerned about the apparent failure to implement fundamental public health measures to tackle the covid-19 outbreak—specifically, community contact tracing, clinical observation, and testing … read at the BMJ (may require login) or on this site

Letter to the North of Tyne Combined Authority, 23 March 2020: The purpose of this letter is to urge you as soon as possible to do everything you can to make the case with your local authority colleagues and Public Health England to institute an immediate and meticulous contact tracing and testing programme in each local authority within the NoTCA area, and more widely in the North East. … read more

We need hands-on public health expertise to tackle COVID-19: The government has released its scientific evidence, which sheds light on the fiasco and the catastrophe that is unfolding economically, socially, and health wise. It also highlights the lack of public health input and the decimation of the speciality and expertise in communicable disease control prior to and after the Health & Social Care Act 2012. There appears to be no public health evidence from experienced physicians in communicable disease control and their teams. … read more

Letter to the Scottish Government, 21 March 2020: I urge the Scottish government immediately to institute a massive centrally-coordinated, locally-based contact tracing and testing programme … read more

Draft parliamentary questions on contact tracing and testing, 20 March 2020