Trust in the time of markets. 2014

Pollock AM, Roderick P. Trust in the time of markets: protecting patient information. The Lancet. 2014; 383 (9928): 1523–4. Download pdf 08 April 2014 On 08 April 2014, the House of Commons Health Select Committee is hearing evidence on the handling of NHS data from Kingsley Manning, Chair of the Health and Social Care Information Centre, and Max Jones, its…

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Split decisions. 1992

Pollock AM. Split decisions. Health Service  Journal 1992;:26–7. download: HSJ_1992_PollockSplitDecisions

Guidelines for LRECs. 1993

Benster R, Pollock AM. Guidelines for Local Research Ethics Committees: distinguishing between patient and population research in the multicentre research project. Public Health 1993;107:3–7. download: PublicHealth_1993_Benster_GuidelinesLRECs

Incompleteness and retrieval of case notes. 1993

Vickers N, Pollock AM. Incompleteness and retrieval of case notes in a case note audit of colorectal cancer. Quality in Health Care 1993;2:170–4. download: QualHealthCare_1993_Vickers_ColorectalCancerAudit