Restoring the NHS in England as an accountable public service

The National Health Service Bill

The bill, which is being tabled by Eleanor Smith MP with Shadow health team support, has been drafted by Allyson Pollock and Peter Roderick (in discussion with Eleanor Smith and Labour Central). Its second reading is due on 26 October 2018.

Pollock AM. Why the next Labour manifesto must pledge to legislate to reinstate the NHS. openDemocracy. 12 Sep 2017.

24 March 2017 – NHS Reinstatement Bill will be presented in the House of Commons by Margaret Greenwood, Labour MP for Wirral West

04 November 2016 – NHS Bill to receive second reading in the House of Commons

08 September 2016 – Viscount Hanworth raises bill to reinstatement the NHS in a Lords debate on the Health & Social Care Act 2012

NHS Reinstatement Bill is reintroduced to the House of Commons, 13 July 2016

Pollock AM, Roderick P. National Health Service Bill. Legal and Policy Briefing for the Second Reading in the House of Commons, on 11th March 2016. 03 Mar 2016. download

Why we support the cross-party NHS Bill

Pollock AM. Radical new bill is now the only chance to save our service – so get behind it. Morning Star. 2015 May 6.

Why the Queen’s Speech on 19 May should include a bill to reinstate the NHS in England. BMJ. download

BMJ: A letter to the next secretary of state for health

Bring back the NHS: videos from event hosted by Sir Ian McKellen

Saving the NHS: the twilight bark

17 April 2015: SNP MPs to vote to restore England’s NHS

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